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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle ReVbo™
Post Content
[link to dinaralert.webs.com]

I think you all giving M too much credit, yeh he's trying to be a dictator, I just can't see him getting away with it, the PTB have had enough now and thats why we see these people all in Iraq....and especially because we are so close to the action of the money plan that has been in the works for yrs and yrs, Im not sure I can believe that one man has been able to stop it, basically stop any and all progress in Iraq. Bigger people than this gguy have been removed and killed for less. Do you believe for one second that they cant just explode or bullet this guy when ever they want....cos they can....
I think they stood back and waited for monkey boy to do the right thing, he then went and done the unthinkable because he's so power crazed and took over the CBI......they still stood back and waited......final straw I think was stopping the RV/Float.....enough was enough at that point. Guess we find out who wins in a few weeks. 1 man or all the worlds power people. I know who I have my money on.
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