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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle ReVbo™
Post Content
BAGHDAD - Iraq News Network: parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed on Thursday that the situation of the Iraqi dinar against the U.S. dollar is stable, noting that raise the price against the dollar was possible. A member of the Finance Committee secretary Hadi said that "the central bank administered by the new managed to control the situation and stabilize the exchange rate after witnessed tension during the crisis raised against the previous administration and suspicions of corruption that kept the bank governor and his deputy and a group of employees, but the situation this period has become more stable. " He added that "the central bank governor received authorization to raise the price of the dinar safety of the dollar due to the fact that the option mentioned possible at the present time as well as the presence of the bank's intentions to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar long as previous years have seen a rise in value against the dollar." He pointed out that "the central bank governor will have the option under this authorization in choosing the appropriate time to raise the price of the dinar and it will determine when and how this step is done based on his experience in his field."

[link to translate.google.com]

This sounds great and indicates a new vision for Maliki and the value of the dinar.

"...and it will determine when and how this step is done based on his experience in his field." If this is true, I hope Turki picks a life line.

Turki is Maliki's hand puppet. Is Maliki finally realizing he is in an extremely perilous position and ready to be pushed off the cliff at Dictator's Point? Will revaluing the currency make him a hero again in the eyes of the people? Or has the IMF and US had their come to Jesus moment with Maliki and leading him around by the collar telling him what is going to take place and when? We, the IMF and US will let you, Maliki, save face and stay in office until the end of your term, but here is the only condition ........ behave. The Iran counterfeiting is openly exposed as we saw this morning and is probably coming to a close, so what does Maliki have to offer Iran? More sand and camels?

No matter the questions, this looks wonderful. Right now I would sell my first born, if I had one, to sit in the IMF meeting in Jordan today and just take it all in.

It seems evident now that the World Bank/IMF/UN have put significant pressure on Maliki to keep his hands out of the issue. Notice also that the Finance Committee of PARLIAMENT has stepped back to the forefront where they belong. The article that we read the other night in which the World Bank stated unequivocally that the GOI was to stay out of the business of the CBI obviously carried some weight. Then it was backed up the next day by the IMF and the UN reminded the GOI that Iraq is still under Chapter VII, meaning that the UN can step in any time it wants. Add to that, finally, the fact that US troops are now back in Iraq and you can see that the "squeeze play" on Maliki is beginning to bear fruit.

Recall also that we are aware that a contract was signed last September. The CBI is committed to this process and I believe it will be shown shortly that this recent debacle is only a temporary setback. I also believe that January 1 is a key date.'

"the central bank governor received authorization to raise the price of the dinar safety of the dollar..."

What I like most about this statement is, there's absolutely nothing l-word-ish about it. Usually, these kind of statements are qualified with some kind of "delete three zeros" or "mbangamesh" gobbledygook nonsense nearby that seems like it was only tossed in there to mess with our heads. Nothing like that in this article. Raise the value. Plain. Simple. Straightforward. Now, freakin' do it, Turki.
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