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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle ReVbo™
Post Content
in our last chat we did i talked a little bit about a rumor/intel
about the new money supposedly was printed at the 1st of november and was shipped in the last part of november, most know i usually will never do that but as our research took us to many parts of the world, i found there was a great possibility of some truth to this and we shared a small portion of what we knew and all this week and last we've saw the cbi and the new proxy gov or whatever you want to call him in shabibis absence,making monetary changes and laws getting passed with the blessings of the gov. as there was much bad blood between the gov and shabibi,when we 1st heard of the arrest warrents put out on shabibi we found it just too hard to believe and i had to make extensive calls to verify that and get foreign opinons on why which i told you all about ,many had said they didn't like shabibis policy that he was set to go to slow on making the dinar worth more or was going to go lower than there expectations or possibly just rd or lop and from the ones i spoke too the majority said they believd that when the 000 's came off the currency the currency would go back to what it was before they were put on restrictions,the new cbi/gov
has a good working relationship with the government and they have been saying yes to just about everything he has said and hey if its gonna bring on our rv faster than when shabibi had the reigns then i'm all for it and we can all move on with our lives

Read more: [link to dinarvets.com]

[BondLady] Of cases of financial corruption ... Storage 7 trucks for the new coin in the central bank since 2005 A source familiar that issues of financial corruption too many in the Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi, the source told Voice of the Iraqi community, said the bank had a deal receiving coin new, were received from Safwan in Basra province in 2005, and was composed of 7 trucks filled coin, which could reach billions, were received that money, but when you get to the city of Baghdad, have been attacking trucks by terrorists, and after the battle claimed the lives of three members of protection they both cream and Fred and judgments Mandalawi, and seized terrorists on three trucks from seven .After investigation and not use the currency, gang were arrested and three trucks responded to the central bank, and added to the four trucks and such money remained up to this moment in the warehouses of the Central Bank were not used in Iraq.The source said that the coin-class fifty dinars and a hundred and fifty dinars, and wondered how much money went to the work of this currency, and did not benefit the Iraqi people [link to www.iraaqi.co...=1#.UMkeE-PjnYE]

[Shredd] "and such money remained up to this moment in the warehouses of the Central Bank were not used in Iraq", up to this moment

[BondLady] will they release the new money soon or hold it longer and risk terrorist or criminals hijacking it or stealing from it and losing out on the millons of dollars it cost to print it by theft and robbing the people of it, will they ? ... i think they are about too IMO and i feel like we have some great things about to happen for iraq and for us
the news just gets better and better everyday now that the cbi and the gov are working together and soon we shall see article 140 done and the hcl as well and that will hopefully take us and them on out of ch 7 ,so in closing i thank all my team for the countless hours they have given to each of us and all the research it takes to do one of our massive chats... i hope you all understand and enjoy our work we do for you here at our corner.... ty all

Read more: [link to dinarvets.com]
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