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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle ReVbo™
Post Content
Crazy day. Here's a brief synopsis...

1-4-13 ReVbo: Man, it must be absolute chaos over there. Nujaifi wants a no confidence vote. Maliki wants to dissolve Parliament. I'm seeing that, according to their constitution, to dissolve Parliament, they either need a Parliamentary majority or 1/3 of Parliament with the consent of the President of the Republic, Talibani, who we know is incapacitated at the moment, so do his powers go to someone else, or is that option off the table? What a mess. But then, hey, nobody ever said getting 100,000% return on investment was gonna be easy, huh?

Also, great article on currency...

Baghdad (newsletter) ... Banking expert confirmed Abdul Aziz Hassoun, Iraqi dinar maintains its value and does not vibrate with the Central Bank crisis, noting that the current Central Bank Administration to promote the power of the Iraqi dinar.

He said Hassoun (News News Agency): the Iraqi dinar has made him a force on its value and not vibrate to any financial or economic crisis in the country, including the Central Bank, because it hedged by cash reserves of hard currency.

He added: the current Central Bank management to increase the value of the Iraqi dinar and make it desirable internationally through monetary policy, as well as the application of the rules by banks to prevent the smuggling of currency or money laundering./finished/8 n. p

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