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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle ReVbo™
Post Content
What cha think of the EU ratification with Iraq guys?
 Quoting: calin

Really, really good news.

Looks like Maliki's almost done, too.
 Quoting: ReVbo™

Hey Rev bo just got back to Thailand. Not up to speed on the EU ratification with the Iraqi guys, got a link.

Maliki going away would bode well. sk
 Quoting: seeker2

[link to www.europarl.europa.eu]

Here's a longer piece from an Arabic newspaper.

European Parliament agreed on a partnership agreement with Iraq in the fields of trade, investment and development (European - Archive)

Labib Fahmy - Brussels

Endorsed by the European Parliament today signed an historic agreement will determine the first contractual relationship between the EU and Iraq, and after the European Parliament formally approved the partnership and cooperation agreement signed by the two sides in May / May.

The parliamentary vote is like a green light for the Treaty to enter into force after formal adoption by the Member States. MEPs felt that the agreement would help to complete Iraq's transition towards democracy and reconstruction and normalization of relations with the international community.

It is expected to strengthen the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement bilateral relations in many fields ranging from trade to investment through development. With the help Iraq on the direction in the course of accession to the World Trade Organization.

The MP said Mario Mauro, who prepared the report, which was approved by the European Parliament, "The Partnership and Cooperation Agreement symbol of the commitment of the European Union to play an important role in the transition process in Iraq, and we have to work in order to match the political ambitions and strategic issues with human needs and financial resources."

He added that the political transition in Iraq is not yet complete, so "we need to provide economic opportunities and social measures, our goal is to strengthen the economic infrastructure of the country and ensure development and peace."

According to the agreement for a period of ten years, subject to renewal, ministers will meet the two parties a year to re-evaluate the progress made in the issues of peace, democracy and the rule of law.

And the European Union should help Iraq to join the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. The agreement will also, as stated in the text, human rights and fundamental freedoms and seeks to combat terrorism and weapons proliferation.

The MP said Mario Mauro Europe in the past need to a long transition period, and after 70 years became peace prevails, "but we still strive every day to more clarity for our politics., It is impossible for the Iraqis to reach stabilize the situation quickly, it is a long process. . and we support them. "

In a separate decision, the members of the European Parliament expressed concern about the violence and human rights violations in Iraq, and called on the Iraqi authorities to take more stringent measures to combat violence.

He also stressed MEPs urgently need Seen stronger EU in Iraq, and demanded human resources necessary for the European Union mission in Baghdad and ensure secure buildings to work effectively, so as to ensure the implementation of programs funded by the European Union and to monitor the human rights situation and the reform process.

[link to translate.google.com]

This is a statement from a member of the Euro parliament that goes along with it with some commentary from DA.

[link to www.dinarrecaps.com]
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