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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle ReVbo™
Post Content
Well, it looks like the cat's out of the bag. It just got posted at the guru site. Should be a fun day.

1-28-2013 Newshound Guru Kaperoni This video surfaced today...it directly pertains to the New Iraqi Dinar investment. Dr. Abdel Bassit Turki recently spoke at the Union of Arab banks conference January 12th, 2013..."Here is the translation sent to me from ReVbo. My Arabic translator reviewed this and said it was very good and accurate.": 1) Mr. Turki stated that Iraq has major resources; which, of course, oil is a part of, but there are also other major sources of wealth within Iraq. 2) Mr. Turki stated these resources will effect the Iraq economy strongly. 3) Mr. Turki went on to state Iraq soon plans on applying this wealth to back the currency of Iraq, for the benefit of the Iraqi peoples. [post 1 of 4....stay tuned]

Read more: [link to www.dinarguru.com]
 Quoting: ReVbo™

TY ReVbo!

I like the phrase he used... restructuring the value of the IQD

So, CBI will be releasing smaller denoms?
 Quoting: calin

I'm assuming so. Can't very easily buy a cheeseburger with a 1000 dinar note worth a thousand dollars. I think that's what the "5%" part was about.
 Quoting: ReVbo™

yea, that's what I was thinking.

DVs Betty boop had her crystal say March. I bet she is jazzed about this news.
 Quoting: calin

LOL. That sounds like something from here. Is she a GLP transplant?
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