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Message Subject Isis Ra Elohim. IS-RA-EL.
Poster Handle noidi
Post Content
I not the man about spesifics.. but pure truth sounds great - a deeper feeling of listening to the same tune to long - Hope it is true - Im As prepared i can be at the moment..

Awakening is an afwull but plesant thing - and the level of awakening- end with start..

We are like radios; some are at 33,8 hrz others 88,6 - those at a lower level cannot understand those on a higher frequenzy - So there goes trying to explain : big paradox - knowing what most dont know comes with a high price and will hurt at times for many.. - and to do so with the explenation, one must try go down a notch or two - and make it so that the seed you plant grows - tend the crop - know the soil - know how nature works as we are part of nature - all is part of nature

Thanks again apollo, even if o dont understand how the tools are build i might be able to use them one day.
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