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Message Subject Isis Ra Elohim. IS-RA-EL.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
We are all one, yes,
except where all is duality
where trinities abound
in four cardinal directions
while five platonic solids
for hexagonal carbon life
but Nothing lasts forever.
 Quoting: The Juan 3242809

Yes, thats why the beast will arise from the sea, He is the man of carbon 666 (6 electrons, 6 protons, 6 neutrons)

And he will close and finalize this earth chapter and give it all back to his Father


On which date will the constellation be forming the star of david?
That´s interesting.
 Quoting: Iolair

Iolair, I think a few Star of Davids show up every year, they are very rare. Just one or two out of hundreds of people and then it narrows down to particular moon and sun and the branching of the other planets. One Star of david in particular Im sure the Illuminati are looking for. Such detail can never be disclosed in the public though

This star of dasvid originates from egypt. It is the arrangement of the holy city, at the center of the star,it is also the arrangement of god incarnates and man whom god resides in all, from each 6 points sits spirits (gods) all spirits of 1 god Ra from which he divided himself into to create all things. they form many and represent many things, and it is a design set and founded upon many and representative of demensional aspects of everything.

the innerline (long vertical) is Ra (God supreme) at the top (Ptah-Ra,god of creation) at the bottom and (man,god incarnate in the center) on the right side (faceing outward is the 2 pointed line) with Horus-Ra at the top presiding over all to hunt,judge evil,and Anubis-Ra to reap,destroy,hunt,punish). To the left outward faceing are the balance to that,and is gods otherside and that of all things, the left line at the top is Amun-Ra (king of heaven) AKA "Jesus the Christ" at the bottom of this line is "Osiris-Ra" =Life,giver of life,love,beauty,joy...Whoms opposite is Anubis-Ra.
it is from this that also the jewish candlestick is concieved and representative of but it has 7 points to the star not 6 as the seventh is the center,as pharoah is a living god,as god incarnate and the heart of egypt,the people are his blood and the land his body.

This is why the jewish people of Jesus day hated him soi much and sought his death,he confronted them with their true origins and in their eyes was pharoah,god incarnate.
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