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Message Subject Isis Ra Elohim. IS-RA-EL.
Poster Handle ~GAIA~
Post Content

total bullshit, is not true, Israel means "the one that struggle against God" and that one was Jacob, who has 2 names, Jacob and Israel.
 Quoting: ~GAIA~

Todah for making that point, You are one nasty vulgar of work, Ive seen you cuss, promote porn and more !

Like anyone would take you seriously. Draykop !

next time I'll post some brokeback mountain stuff so you will be happy dude....btw you have no idea what you just say, if you knew Hebrew as you said....lol....one of the nastiest thing you could say to a woman, I will not even tell you which word was, because you are such an expert...

 Quoting: ~GAIA~

Ay, yay yay...bupkes !

Take a look at your karma . Says alot what others think of you.


Nice perfume !

I saw yours...I wouldnt be so proud if I were you...but you can always go and denounce others, like you use to do, to gain points and erase the bad comments ;)
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