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Message Subject Isis Ra Elohim. IS-RA-EL.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Apollo, could you blog about the harvest or direct me to one you've already blogged about? Is the harvest a good thing for someone, do you hope to be harvested? What happens if you're not harvested? Tilled up and replanted?

Thanks, I appreciate your posts. Although I don't really understand the astrology it is interesting. Is that your natal chart? The Star of David?
 Quoting: Bent

 Quoting: Bent

Friend, the harvest IS something to look forward to. Saturn was originally the God of harvest and bounty, Youd have to be a very bad person to not make the harvest and I doubt few here are that bad.

If you love God, love your family, love your kids, Have reason and spiritual discernment, youll make it !

Wheat and tares analogy was about a type of grass thats not wheat, but when young, looks like wheat, so both wheat and weeds grow together until the fear inspiring day

As to charts, I am a Star of David. Its actually frustrating cause Im juggling everything and mastering nothing, All my powers are branched out whereas others can have more focus.

Ive been approached before on my chart, But their consultation is private

I have a keen idea on my destiny but only what God wills.
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