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Message Subject Isis Ra Elohim. IS-RA-EL.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Apollo, could you blog about the harvest or direct me to one you've already blogged about? Is the harvest a good thing for someone, do you hope to be harvested? What happens if you're not harvested? Tilled up and replanted?

Thanks, I appreciate your posts. Although I don't really understand the astrology it is interesting. Is that your natal chart? The Star of David?
 Quoting: Bent

 Quoting: Bent

not answering for appo: all i know about harvest is that grapes usually get pressed (crushed) into wine or eaten.
Bahhhhhh sheep,are for the BBQ,the feast,and no supprise there....."how thorougly i decieved them" 1 look at religion is all god needs to decide their fate.all religion is evil,imo only those that are not religious zealots (nuts) are the ones that will be saved. If you want to find true evil,then look up "Religion" on google.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5181150

Grapes are the few, if only fruit that can draw up bigger minerals of Gold thru the soil. Grapes actually contain minute particles of Gold ! its why it was so cherished in old times.
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