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Message Subject Isis Ra Elohim. IS-RA-EL.
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
I found this interesting, though some of his videos are quite rigid, when its always about Love. But the sorrow is very interesting because in my own experiences with this plane, and some kind of testing, long before I ever believed in hellzones or fallen ones, (it was just our shadow or the energy from our hate manifesting into poltergeist type things, to me, for years that is how I thought of it, nothing in any of the religions ever described why something would fall. Now I understand the testing ground and how hard they are, overcoming selfishness). Then when I asked why, was told this was a war. I had thought I was losing it until my son, then around 13-14, took me aside and described a man in my room,that was identical to what I was seeing when pulled into sleep, day or night, even in the tub.

The only thing is, everyone is going to make it out of this nightmare some day, and what is time in infinity. We could say to loved ones, home and beyond, be back in a second, and come right back, though a kazillion years passed in another realm. We're going to love them home in the end.

Sorrow for the Fallen Angels - Nibiru Palace Part 11

From his description, on his channel. "OMADA ; is the secret name of Freemasonry... Means SORROW. - The 3 Greek Letters... also portray a Pyramid, Swirling Thrust and a Flying Disc."

He is right about the sorrow.

Its all about sorrow, self hatred, is the heart of the fallen ones, for letting others down, internalized into blaming others, their war. They are loved too. We're going to love everyone back in the end. But for some reason its set up to be hard, and for everyone to fall into consequence as a part of the the duality structure for learning. I don't approve of any form of harm to learn love. (note to self keep saying that) but was told that there is something that I don't understand yet, that given the limited information I have, They didn't wish anyone to accept pat answers for others and suffering however, just to go to sleep at night. Maybe there is a reason why the growth out of here can be through no other way.

But Love will heal the broken hearts in the end. Even in my own experience years ago, the regret is enormous. I just kept showing family, holding hands, parks and walking with true love/soul mates, and the regret is enormous. I kept asking to be rescued by the angels, they were lined up on the side of this abyss or bowl, cave, and they kept telling me I was doing just fine. I had some sword, and kept swinging it to make light cascade everywhere and if someone stepped in it, they would remember who they really were.
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