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Message Subject Isis Ra Elohim. IS-RA-EL.
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
Ashtar? There is lot of mangled history and they like to combine names and slander people. There was a positive being in the Hebrew history based on AshtarIshtar, and is confused because they're all smashed together, who confronted Baal.

Also they always create false constructs. There are many Michaels for example.

Here in the Bahai faith is some legends:

[link to www.bahaistudies.net]

ASHTAR: Possibly a male version of Ishtar (Astarte in Canaan), the Venus Star. W
hen Baal was killed by Mavet, Asherah had Ashtar, her son, placed on the throne.
However, Ashtar was not big enough to fill the position, and resigned (quite po
ssibly a relation of the Venus star being the last star to shine before the Sun
takes over). I believe one of his titles is Malik (the King) and other names for
him are Abimilki and Milkilu.
ASTARTE: A Name of Anath which means "Goddess", or literally "She of the Womb".
Astarte is simply the Canaanite version of the Name Ishtar.
ATIK: The Calf of El. Enemy of Baal slain by Anath.
BAAL: He is the Canaanite Ruler God (like Marduk). Baal and Yam-Nahar origonally
competed for kingship of the gods. The matter was brought before El, who decide
d in favour of Yam. Yam then proceeded with a reign of tyranny over the gods, an
d none of them felt they had the power to defeat Yam. So, they sent Asherah to e
ntreat him to lossen his grip. Asherah even offered herself to Yam. Upon hearing
this, Baal was enraged, and decided to defeat Yam. Yam got wind of Baal's plan
and sent messengers to El with the demand that Baal be delivered to him. El, afr
aid, agreed. Baal then taunted the gods for their cowardice and went to face Yam
. He had two weapons made, Yagrush (chaser) and Aymur (driver). He struck Yam on
the chest with Yagrush to no avail. Then he struck him on the forehead with Aym
ur and fell Yam to the earth. After Yam's defeat, Baal had a palace built for hi
mself; closely resembeling the story of Marduk. It also resembles Marduk's story
in that the Primeval Waters threatened the gods, and the High God and others we
re afraid to face them, with the exception of the soon-to-be Ruler God. The Baal
epic then continues to describe his fight against Mavet. Baal is also a Storm G
od like Marduk, and a fertility god like Tammuz. Dagon is his father. Baal is th
e Canaanite God-force (the goddess force seems to be split between Anath and Ash
erah). Baal's proper name is Hadad, relating to his storm-god aspect. Baal is re
ally a title, meaning "Lord". Baal's residence is upon Mt. Zaphon. He is known a
s Rapiu (Shade) during his summer stay in the underworld.
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