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Message Subject Isis Ra Elohim. IS-RA-EL.
Poster Handle jk1
Post Content
The only truth is a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ

all else is of Babylon
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6398791

New Jerusalem New Jer-USA-lem



The last painting by S.D. was shown by U many times. But do U know its history, hidden symbolism and how is it alive during the last Sun-cycle, these days and near future ?

Go ahead.

 Quoting: jk1 790968

Friend, yes, this painting by Dali was about Geo Politics and the birth or dominion of The Sun child out of the Orphic Egg, He has Europe in his grasp and Washington DC as his umbilicus

And I think the woman is actually pointing to Israel. She looks famished like they just emerged out of a Great Depression.

Baraka and Kol tuv to you too my friend. hf.

U're wrong my dear and several times. The painting's name is "Geopolitical Child is watching the Born of New Man".

NEW MAN is the one who try to escape from the skinny egg like Reptilia has and the egg is the Earth morphing to strange shape by him trying to catch the first breath.

As a result of his born U can estimate the future side-effects on the Earth. Great part of G.B. will sink as his right hand he use to support his fight /Not talkin' bout The Netherlands/.

His knee and foot stress the oceans where new lands will rise and support those who survive the great change.

He is still blind and unable to see what is he doing trying to be born. His eyes are hidden under the thin skin of U.S.A. - so what can he be watching ?
When his head will be released from the inner part of the egg, and start to breathe - part of U.S.A. will fall to the empty space released by his neck and chest.

The GeoChild is the one holding the knees of His skinny Mum.
She is standing somewhere in the Holy Land / as the Leban Watchtower is behind her head on the very right edge of the painting - but it looks all like a desert. Maybe the field of Mageddo ?

She is not pointing to Israel. Look better. She is pointing somewhere near today's Georgia.

THE CURTAIN hanging on nothing over the suffering Ea has 12 edges as a symbol of the tribes of which 12 000 of each will be saved as described by The Book.

This is what I know considering the symbolism of this painting.

I have no problem to make it known.

Another case is how this painting was born.

All secret societies are made by evil forces, teach bad intentions an will be eliminated, soon.
Cali Bohemian Groove and all mysteries around is only childish playground.

The real Groove is here in Bohemia and the Owl has no need to fly over the ocean - as Mickey Mouses he eats not.

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