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Message Subject Isis Ra Elohim. IS-RA-EL.
Poster Handle roadtoad
Post Content
Now wait a minute:
The name 'Lilith' appears nowhere in the Bible. Because elohim states:
(paraphrase) 'God created (humans) in THEIR name'
i.e., elohim was mother/father, or man/woman.
So, since a bunch of rabbis decided that god had to be male, they invented a 'lilith' in order to make all the pieces fit together.
They even patched in a couple of senarios, to make it all fit, such as: Lilith was Adams first wife, etc.
So elohim was the mother/father of jesus. This shows up in 'the gospel according to thomas', and a few other works not allowed in the council at nacei. sp?
The holy trinity, created by Augustine in the fifth century and added to the bible, as the last verse in 2John, which creates a concept to make jehovah, jesus and the holy spirit as one being..... is a big pile of b.s... an 'add-on'
So again, OP, under your philosophy, who is jehovah?
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