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Message Subject Isis Ra Elohim. IS-RA-EL.
Poster Handle Sinthel
Post Content
One can find truths in almost all things, but to state you and the “Brotherhood” know all the answers is simply ignorant. Do you, yourself, know where the Brotherhood has received their “answers” from the beginning? What makes you think you are being given the truth?

Yes, I know the Brotherhood studies the truths in many religious and other spiritual works, but you are all lead to look at the same “truths”…just like every other religion who is directed by their Elders to view only what they show them and shield what they do not want them to see. If anyone wants to get even close to the truth they need to research everything…religious texts, spiritual works, dark occult works, etc. and of course connecting with your own “Higher Self” (or whatever you wish to call it.)

Likewise, the New Age/Lightworkes have been and is still being manipulated in the same way… being told what to believe and what not to believe.

But, why? By who? What is THEIR agenda? This is directed to all those who believe in a particular source or sources.

People need to begin to think for themselves. In this life and past I have been a part of all of these and being able to look back upon these experiences from a broader perspective and I have been able see the incredible amount of deceit from this world and beyond. It’s so easy to be fooled …that is people’s first mistake believing they cannot have the wool pulled over their eyes and their truth is the utter truth. The more that people believe (My beliefs are the truth) the easier is to become deceived. Yes, I know many of you especially in the mainstream religions are taught the opposite, I wonder why that is?

Hopefully, many will begin to see the reality behind the cloak of deception.


I am not stating I have all the answers as that too would be ignorant. Truth comes from being humble enough to say “I don’t know it all.” New information cannot come to a closed mind and soul.

Much Love,
~ Sinthel

PS There is more than one person using this particular IP address and the reason I try to sign Sinthel to all my posts.
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