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Message Subject Isis Ra Elohim. IS-RA-EL.
Poster Handle KnightsTemplar.TV
Post Content
ISIS - RA - ElOHIM = Is-ra-el

This is the truth even though many people and shills are 1 starring this thread.

Even in the dollar symbol "$", if take the 2 two lines and duplicate the S, IISS = ISIS.

 Quoting: ~^PropHeTic^~

I see the snake pole of Moshe in the dollar bill sign $

Money is a form of energy, And abundance . As a tool properly used, Its a blessing from God. When used properly

I would say money is a form of magick that can be used for black or white energy. Hence, for evil or for good. It is a magick tool that in itself is just a piece of paper, but when infused with creativity which is magick and intuition, then it can be acquired using magick and increased using the same methods or similar ones.

I would also safely say that in years prior (2007 and back), black and dark magick via CHAO was the preferred method of magick and now we are entering the white magick phase of ORDO where money used to create light, truth and the future will be rewarded with more money and the black money changers will slowly die and fade away into the darkness.
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