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Message Subject Isis Ra Elohim. IS-RA-EL.
Poster Handle Astræa
Post Content
You speak of "Harvest"

You speak of this false "Darkness" which many wish to create - this idea of "Evil"...

You speak as if you know something that others do not... you know something -- your intentions are transparent...

The Light, Love herself, Gentle Creator - that which created all beings walks alongside Humankind...and this is the testimony that you provide?

How much more sorrow and suffering you would create?

How much more pain and anguish you would have all suffer to feed your desire for powers that you can not even begin to comprehend or handle in any way at all?

Your words are poison.

This gift is given to you, and you are not without choice, and so this is what you choose?

Let your words reveal the truth of your intentions, from this point forwards...
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