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Iran Says It Is in Possession of US Secrets After “Cyberattack” Brought Down Drone

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12/09/2011 02:40 PM
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Iran Says It Is in Possession of US Secrets After “Cyberattack” Brought Down Drone
An undated picture received on December 8, 2011 shows a member of Iran’s revolutionary guard (R) pointing at the U.S. RQ-170 unmanned spy plane as he speaks with Amirali Hajizadeh, a revolutionary guard commander, at an unknown location in Iran. The unmanned U.S. drone Iran said on Sunday it had captured was programmed to automatically return to base even if its data link was lost, one key reason that U.S. officials say the drone likely malfunctioned and was not downed by Iranian electronic warfare.

The Iranian regime says it is in possession of US secrets after it brought down an RQ-170 UAV drone in a “cyber-attack” last weekend.
Fars News reported:

The US stealth drone which was downed by Iran last week provided Tehran’s military forces with valuable intelligence data and information.

The RQ-170 UAV, dubbed The Beast of Kandahar by some media outlets, was flying over eastern Iran when the Iranian forces gained its control through a cyber attack and brought it down almost intact.

[link to www.thegatewaypundit.com]
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