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Message Subject make chewy crusty artisan BREAD with 5 minutes of your time! seriously! and cheap!
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wen i get the time i will add to this thread what you can do with your bread once it starts to be not as fresh. because this bread has no preservatives in it, it does last for weeks like storebought bread.

but you can make toast from it after a few days, and then french toast.
and if you want stick it in your freezer to use later for something else.
it makes EXCELLENT croutons.

but my fave thing to do with it is make bread pudding.
you can make it sweet or savory (or make stuffing!)
all you do is break the bread up inot little pieces add milk and a few eggs and that makes the "custard" oh, and butter.
then you just add what you want...like make a cinnamon raison. or add onions and spicy sausage and leeks.

i like to make a cardomom bread pudding :)

chocolate bread pudding is AWESOME. just like cake!

basically it's really just quiche, but with bread in it.
so you can take that anywhere, spinach, mushroom, cheese.

or i made a really yummy fig one once.
the possibilities are endless for bread pudding.

after thanksgiving i had a leftover danish, some leftover mincemeat pie, a cinnamon raison bread, and a bunch of cranberries. i just threw that all together and it was EXCELLENT.

pumpkin bread pudding would be yummy too!
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