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Message Subject make chewy crusty artisan BREAD with 5 minutes of your time! seriously! and cheap!
Poster Handle Laura Bow
Post Content
I changed the recipe of this bread a bit and made a very similar version in about 5 hours, for those that may be interested and not wanting to wait as long. I added a whole packet of rapid rising yeast and then about two spoonfuls of sugar. I'm going to try uploading a pic and we'll see if it works.
 Quoting: Laura Bow

I hope this works, I don't know how to post custom smilies


This was similar to the original recipe, but only took 5 hours to make including the time to bake. Very similar, crunchy crust.
 Quoting: Laura Bow

Wow, nice!
 Quoting: DonHeau

Thank you, it's not the same as a slow 18 hour rise, but it is extremely good and if you don't want to wait it'll do just fine :) I used my le Creuset cast iron pot, that thing is SO awesome!!
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