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Message Subject make chewy crusty artisan BREAD with 5 minutes of your time! seriously! and cheap!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I think that the baker knows precisely how to bake bread. Many breads are considered a particular style of bread based on ingredients and methods used to produce them. For example, true French bread only contains yeast, flour, salt, and water by law, else it cannot be called French bread in France. Similarly certain breads like challah or brioche are made with certain ingredients. He just chose not to add sugar.

It's true that it is the interaction with sugar that makes yeast work in bread. Higher gluten flour also turns out a better product since that flour is specifically made for bread making. Of course that will result in a slightly different recipe too.

There's lot of alternative raising techniques like dough sponges. Those techniques will change the recipe and texture f the bread. Nothing is wrong with those different recipes, they're just producing something different based on personal choice.
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