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We walk among you, I am Pleiadian


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United States
02/20/2013 10:19 PM
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Re: We walk among you, I am Pleiadian
1. How was the Grand Canyon formed?
2. Is there an Ark in Mt. Ararat? Is it Noahs? if not, whose was it?
3. What is the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle? Did our ships/planes disappear into a hole and enter some other place?
4. Do grey aliens live beneath the earth in New Mexico in or around Dulce Base?

Lastly, I woupeaceld like to meet one of you. Is this possible? I am very interested. Since I was a little girl I could not understand why I was here - I struggled with it and I didn't like people....I actually didn't like being here..... for many many years.

What can you tell me about this?
User ID: 35547107
05/26/2013 04:41 AM
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Re: We walk among you, I am Pleiadian
Hi there, I understand you! I am a 30yo female (original name Skye)
This is the first time I can come out and say honesty that I do believe you and and that I am not from here either. I am an empath, I can read people's minds, feel others energy, sometimes leaving me so tired I can't move!! It is not fun I get very ill after being around people too long! It has not been easy for me from the day i came to thus earth.I cried everyday for the pain of the world until I was 21. I shut down for 8 years and then I started getting visitations again after a tragic down time in my life that left me shattered, from this male creature and he would appear every night fir a month to sooth me calm me and then help me go through the painful process of awakening . , but there were no little gray men.. Sometimes they came as light and in my dreams They were ELV like glowing creatures (humanoid but see through) I could not see their faces! And they usually came with white flex of white light or electric blue and purple when he would visit! I always felt live and calm when they came and the entity would. and if thats not crazy enough, My boyfriend recently had a very vivid dream that a male"angel" of sorts came to him and told him he was taking me away, with 2 other beings that were my sisters ! My man wanted to come but they apologized that he can't. The male assured him that he would bring me back . The next day My man asked me the next morning if be could look at my ankle, I said yes i actually have a cool birth mark that looks like a love heart. He then told me if his vivid dream and said I came back branded with an M symbol with an arrow on it right where the birthmark was!
I feel alone in this a bit, maybe i am crazy! but too many coincidences have happened sycrinistcly.
Wow.. Sorry I guess I needed to get that out..

Lonely hybrid Skye Child
another hybrid human
User ID: 11492292
01/10/2014 07:03 PM
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Re: We walk among you, I am Pleiadian
hi Pleiadian girl, i don't know are you still
posting here, but wanted to let you know about
this forum

[link to ufocasebook.conforums.com]

it has many sceptics there, but there is also
some people with experiences

and for all those
in here thinking about, is this real, all i can say
is what i know, and yes it is hard
to accept for a man/woman who haven't seen/witnessed
these things, some things goes over most peoples heads
why, cause they ain't ready or they don't want to believe
that's why the truth stays in secret, cause most people
don't care to look what's behind the story of it's creator
search more and you shall see it...

people used to think earth is flat, what you think
now tell me people what is your purpose here on earth
you evolve better/faster if your mind has no limits

open mind can understand much more, choose to see
choose to love even the ones that hate you, cause
many of them can't see the light from darkness
we have hope left, but hope dies if we don't care

Good can change to evil
Evil can change to good
We are good and evil more and less...
which side controls your thinking

Love and Peace