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Message Subject TCF bank penalizes kid with $4.85 in his account by charging him $234.95 in fees in two weeks
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A bank in Albany, NY (Charter One) did something similar to me. Someone stole my debit card number and bought something off of E-bay, causing my account to go to a negative balance (overdraft).

They kept charging me an overdraft fee of 34 dollars every three days, and at a time when I was overseas and was not able to make a deposit to get the account back above a negative balance (and I didn't even know about this at first, was a bad surprise).

I ended up owing over $700 in overdraft fees, which were reversed after a lot of BS I had to go thru to prove that the debit charge that caused all of this was fraudulent! Fucking banks ...
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