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Message Subject Syria - Rebels receiving arms and being trained by British and French Special Forces near Turkey's border
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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History Repeats it self, just like when the British gave too much Aid to the Ottoman Empire, the Empire grew much faster than it can contain so it became fragile from the inside and collapsed in an instant, then after that England and France came and divided the Middle East into much smaller countries, 20 Years later, the British and French forces invaded Palestine and conquered it for the name of Zionism, Always when they cant sneak in, they give extra Aid.

Syria is a bridge between Iran and Lebanon, Hezbollah is in Lebanon and that's how Iran provides them with weapons to resist Israel. Strengthening the Syrian rebels to put down Assad's regime is one of the plans to stop the weapons Aid to Hezbollah. England and France never cared about Arabs except weakening them in smart ways for the sake of Israel.
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