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Message Subject Bizarre lawsuit claims for $1 Trillion, against the Vatican Illuminati, the Masons, the U.S. Federal Reserve. and others
Poster Handle ScottFlex
Post Content
Also, theres no heebie jeebie, evil illuminati depopulation plans,

Its simply nature ridding us off her back every so often like fleas

After so many thousands of years, something comes from the skies , creates havoc and wipes out 90 percent of everything living on the surface

After this happened a few times, and we lost great civilizations like Atlantis and Lemuria, Astrologers tried to take note and warn future generations.

The Mayan and Hopi and Christians and every single old religion on earth knows this, Even John the Baptist encoded a secret astrological calendar in Revelation when the destroyer will impact earth

If anything the Elite have heads up and are preparing anyway they can to save a few, Supplies are limited, You can only do so much

Better some humans survive, rather than none

Im sure God has a plan.

Sorry to tell you all. but weve reached this timetable, Its not 2012, but its within our generation.

Not from the sky but from the earth:
Thread: Massive Methane LEAK in Arctic sea - the End is Nigh

And as for elites having a massive depopulation plan, who knows... You certainly cannot say for sure; and dont try and feed me BS that your an insider to such knowledge.
I know that elites in the past have used eugenics to rid areas of certain types of people so they have a track record of doing it on a small scale.
 Quoting: ScottFlex


Im a astrologer. and of course, Im privy to. Every astrologer knows this.

So does every Christian.

Ive been trained in emergency drills by my church, we had a plan on how to behave when we were in the shelters.

You failed to address my point. Yea for you being an astrologer! But I stated you can't possibly know if the elite have their own depop. plans... Im not talking astrology here.

Perhaps they want to kill off a majority before natures does her thing so they have more resources, who knows. Care to comment on my point? Or continue to spew unrelated nonsense in your weak defense...
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