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Subject Tinnitus and NWO: Hypnotic Device
Poster Handle theclarificator
Post Content
1. Current Tinnitus Epidemic is just a glitch in a new frequency being tested for mental mass control.

2. It began since the transition of the Digital TV Age.
(All the HD TVs have the transmitter included)

3. This frequency is ready to be transmited, but still making some adjustments. (That explain this unusual Tinnitus epidemic)

4. The official transmission will have hypnotic content.
You will hear inside your head, a pleasant music with an unknown language, in sync with an announcement of a "fake" alien invasion.

5.These "aliens" will control you via this signal.

6. There is a form to control the transmision,(and the current Tinnitus) grapping (with the thumb and index fingers) the bump of the ear that is aligned with the eye.
(follow the eye in an horizontal line)

7.The National broadcast test was one of the final steps in setting up this signal.

8. Once you get accustomed to the signal, specially the pleasant music, you will become hypnotized and will behave like a zombie or slave. That way a great part of the world will be remote controlled just as puppets.
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