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Message Subject Tinnitus and NWO: Hypnotic Device
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Once the nano-markers enter your bloodstream they can be used for different purposes.
The H1N1 vaccine contains the first "tested" nano-marker to track the people.
Track? Yes, track.
To know exactly, where are you, even if you are hiding in a cave.
Where are you children, where are you, where you move, sleep, eat, shit, everything.
Tons of information can be extracted for evil purposes.
Previous nano-markers were designed to cause cancer on people, or to trigger unexplained symptoms like the ones from a sudden and "unknown infection" of an "unknown virus". So it is no coincidence that these type of "unknown" viruses from time to time appears at hospitals and treated too stupidly with antibiotics and pain drugs.

The goal of goals with these nano-markers is to manufacture one that sit on the brain, not neccesarily to control people minds, but for transmision of information, and to generate frequencies of faith-like experiences.
It is not a coincidence that we have an increase of ADD's, Alzeheimers & Autism in our times. This is a direct consequence of being infected with different types of nano-markers.

So if you have a child with Autism, you may think:
Wait a moment, you are saying my child autism is a result of a nano-marker I received? WTFK?
The answer is: Yes.
All people with alzheimer are nano-infected?
No. Many of them. Some are part of typical aging.
Can we reverse Alzheimer?
Can we reverse Autism?

Now you have a glimpse of why these nano-markers are a threat for your health.

By the way, the next man-made disease (of pandemic proportions) will produce instant brain failure and/or severe brain damage.
It will be like a bomb of fear thrown to the worldwide mass-media: seeing Live on television people dying by this brain-eating "worm".
But what is real evil is the vaccine: the shot will need to be injected directly on the center of the forehead named the "glabella".
Since the glabella is not open to the brain, it make no sense to put a shot in that place, but in tissue that make direct contact with the brain.
But with the fear of this disease, people will want the vaccine ASAP, without thinking about this simple issue.
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