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Message Subject Tinnitus and NWO: Hypnotic Device
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
About TV and MEDIA

Stop to seing TV News.
Stop to seing TV at all if you can.

Test yourself:
For 1 week you will try to not see any TV program.
Then after the week, you will analyze your feelings.
If you feel you want inmediately to see TV again, you are not prepared.
If after the non-TV week you have no feelings at all you are in the correct way.

Then if you pass the TV test, do the same with every electronic you use too much: cellphones, computers, internet, etc.

You need to find out now what things you are too dependent and vulnerable, because this will dictate your chances for survival when the NWO use these vulnerabilities to control you.

Try it.
Be strong now.
If you can't pass the week test on any subject, you are addicted to that object.
But don't worry.
Just try to make the change soon.
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