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Message Subject Tinnitus and NWO: Hypnotic Device
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I stopped watching TV years ago, best thing I have ever done.
Thank you OP, Internet this week.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7251365

HDTV are designed with special frequencies, to keep the people addicted to the programs, but also affecting an specific part of the brain that measure the timing.
So they deceive the mind into think the time is slow.

The computer screens also have some sort of frequency similar to this.

So you can for example measure the time in a computer versus the time in a tv. Lets say you set a stopwatch for 1 hour. 1 hour seeing tv, 1 hour on internet.
Even the time is the same, you will "feel" that it
was like 30 minutes on the tv and like 15 min on the internet.
This screens have devices that sends frequencies to do that.
These devices are new, you can try to speak for an hour in a landline phone and the same time on cellphone and you will fell the same. You will fell like it was 15 minutes on the phone.
But most of the people are too addicted to this technologies that they don't asked why.

Who is Steve Jobs?
Is that guy really change the world?
I prefer to said that Nikola Tesla was trillion times better than Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs is not the man who change the world, but the man who turn the people more addict to his expensive designs.

And yes, he advanced one of the topics of the NWO agenda:
"Let make the people addicted to this devices, and suddenly crash all the technology at once.
Let self-destruct themself."

And is a "nice" idea, because what would you do if you are addicted to alcohol, and suddenly all the beers and liquors are being recall by whatever fake reason, and there is no supply of alcohol on the whole world?

Then what?

Then you will fill the gap with another addiction.
Or you become so angry that you awake within yourself your untested criminal instincts.

Does it sounds like social chaos and unrest?
Does it sounds like martial law?

NWO: Why the need of depopulate them if they are killing each other for a bottle of wine or a cell phone battery?

For the people not addicted, they will find the form to survive with or without technology, with or without money, with or without government, because they have always plan B. And they are self-governed.
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