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Message Subject Tinnitus and NWO: Hypnotic Device
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
figured out something. might be obvious to some but it wasn't for me.

deep breathing helps

and don't stop when you get the ringing, dont really concentrate on it either

just keep breathing deeply

i think through the left nostril helps (right for women)

but through both is ok i guess.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6566136

Combine the breathing with the butterfly hands technique described on the second page.
The post your results here.

1. Take a mild to hot shower and put your face to the front of the running water. The water will serve as the medium to waste the nano-markers.
2. Cross your hands in a butterfly fashion, with the palms facing up, and the wrist touching each other.
3. Your 4 fingers of each hand need to be together and straight pointing diagonal
4. Your two thumbs need to be like "kissing" each other: the thumb's nails will face to the outside.
5. Once you have this butterfly-shaped hands, (Remember to straight the fingers, thumbs together, wrist together) you will be able to drain your nano-markers from the eight straight fingers, so its important to maintain together your fingers!
6. The you will approach your thumbs to the glabella, or center of your forehead. You need to touch that center for proper realease.
7. You may need to drop a lil your head to the front, and don't be surprised if you feel some feeling of an electrical current moving through your body. This is normal. Is the way your body release bad energy too.
8. You can do this without a shower, also. For example you can perform this technique before going to bed. If you do without shower, wash your hand after doing this. Water is the only thing need to wash away this nano-markers.

You will feel different, and healthy instantly, because this technique drain also the unhealthy energy within you. Also helps to visualize the elements going out from the fingers, but is not a requirement.
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