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Message Subject REMINDER: Newt Gingrich smoked Marijuana, and then proposed the DEATH PENALTY for Marijuana possession..
Poster Handle TheRoaminGnome
Post Content
Well....It's a good thing the "end all" doesn't end with you. If Newt "walked the walk" instead of just "talking the talk" he might be a little more believable. Talk is cheap my friend. Had Newt been truly healed, he wouldn't still be an evil Grinch. Instead of questioning the power of God, maybe you should question the power of facts.

death penalty??? for possession???? is he out of his fucking mind?????
 Quoting: Tiamat2012

Newt asked to be forgiven by God. Good enough for me. Who am I to question the healing power of prayer
 Quoting: bootyshake82930
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