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CIA Whistleblower Susan Lindauer talks about Detention Bill and how they let 9/11 happen!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 7105002
United States
12/14/2011 10:46 AM
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CIA Whistleblower Susan Lindauer talks about Detention Bill and how they let 9/11 happen!
We had a great show with Susan Lindauer on Tuesday night on Radio Nsearch. Susan joined us at the top of the second hour so you can start the audio and let it load for a minute and then click the bar at the bottom so you can forward to the second hour.

You can access the interview on this page

[link to www.project.nsearch.com]

Susan talked about how she was one of the first Americans to be imprisoned by a traitorous Federal government where she was kept in a secret prison at Carswell Air Force Base. Her friends and family were told she wasn't even at the prison in Carswell and were refused access to the base by the evil base commander who told her lawyer that she wasn't there! US Marshalls had to be deployed and were ready to force their way onto the base when the base commander finally relented and let Susan's lawyer finally get access to her after 3 trips to the base of 700 miles each way!

While at the secret prison at Carswell, Susan saw things that any human wouldn't want to see. Women not being treated for medical conditions and just walked over by the guards. Women forcibly medicated with nasty psychotropic drugs that literally turned them into zombies! This is the reality of the disgusting prison for women at Carswell. They kept trying to declare Susan incompetent so they could forcibly drug her too but luckily that never happened.

Susan also discussed how good people in the CIA knew that 9/11 was coming but were forced to stand down! There is no doubt at the very least that 9/11 was allowed to happen!

Listen to her interview and see just how far America has fallen and why she says that we must all call our Congressmen immediately to STOP the Detention bill that will allow the military to arrest and hold any American indefinitely. Oh and if you think you are safe because you aren't a "terrorist", think again because the USA has already stated in certain documents that you're a terrorist if you fit the following.

Belong to the Tea Party
Take part in Occupy activities
Like Ron Paul
Believe in the Constitution
Want to End the Federal Reserve
Have more than 7 days of foold
Pay Cash at Hotels
Texting Privately in a Public Place
Believe in any conspiracies (like getting sun is good for you!)
Own Precious Metals

Please do your best to SHARE this very important message from Susan that was one of the very first victims of illegal detention where they keep you in a secret prison and keep all charges against you secret! They basically want you to disappear forever! Do you part and help stop this tyranny by spreading the truth about what's going on in this country where our leaders have gone completely insane!