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Message Subject CONFIRMED: There is a TRILLION DOLLAR lawsuit against the Vatican, Illuminati and The UN!!! ***INCLUDES Court lawsuit documents!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Anyone who has any doubts as to the documents origin and donít want to pay per page to confirm, I can tell you that I frequently file documents in the U.S. Court and we have a Pacer account at my office. Pacer is the official U.S. Court filing (ECF) and document viewer (Pacer) filing system. That being said, any regular moron who can read and write can file a law suit, and most get dismissed or settled at the pre-trial stage. The story concerning the seizure of the US bonds though definitely gives this some credibility. Going to be interesting to see what comes out of this.
 Quoting: Shellbe

Uh, yeah, like our Government will tell the public, yeah were Illuminati and Masons and were being sued

cmon, it will be the joke of the day

Everyone will think youre total loon fruitcake

Mark my words, It will be laughed at and thrown out.

99 percent of people on earth think the Illuminati doesnt exist, 99 percent of people will laugh in the face out of anyone that mentions it,
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