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Message Subject CONFIRMED: There is a TRILLION DOLLAR lawsuit against the Vatican, Illuminati and The UN!!! ***INCLUDES Court lawsuit documents!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
google oitc the website is still standing. the oitc held the foundation divine.
 Quoting: Nobody in Particular

Are you fucking kidding me?

Their website is one of the most amateurish, spelling + grammar mistake ridden messes I've come across for any sort "organization" claiming to be what it is. Any idiot can throw up a badly designed site and slap together a video consisting of tacky power point slides.

The general consensus is that OITC is a massive fraud and nothing more. I haven't seen any evidence to indicate otherwise.
 Quoting: mothershipwreck

Well I happen to know they are NOT. read my site if you have any real interest.

you can start here, and the piece contains a chart that is not on their website.

[link to abundanthope.net]

Ray Dam was sadly thugging himself in the background thus apparently helping to destroy the very organization under his watch care by misusing some funds for personal business. Someone under Daam, named Keith Scott was involved in taking it down from the inside, and near the end obviously engaged with Keenan.

Probably the decision perhaps to publicize the OITC with a website was an error, helped set it up for attack, but at the same time Keith Scott was doing his damage as a thug anyway when the website went up. The decision to take the OITC public however, was in the hands of the folks here from "heaven" working behind the scenes. the OITC was to fund the rebuilding of this world.

it wealth was tremendous. Now go to the link above and look at the chart. You will see the primary foundation is the Foundation Divine, and its means DIVINE. The antichrist thugs wanted it down and they wanted the wealth, and there have been continual attempts to illegally and immorally get it. The war on Libya was one of them, Gaddafi was the local protector of Foundation Divine Assets in that region. carefully put mind to work and ponder that one. He was a christ working for Michael of Nebadon, your very "Jesus" of 2000 years ago.

If you have paid any attention to the Germain material on the web, you will see the St. Germain World Trust in that chart. I happen to know of what I speak.
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