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RE: Article about Illuminati

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 7212318
United States
12/16/2011 07:10 AM
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RE: Article about Illuminati
I think the human race knew about the 2nd coming of Christ before that individual even realized what was going on. I think that there are good people on this Earth but they are all afraid to act out selfish interests. Everyone wants some lone ranger riding on a pale horse with no name, some sort of a hero/messiah to save them. If that is what they desired, they should have done a better job of protecting their savior from the evil of the world. One man can't save the world. It's been tried before, and resulted in failure every single time. All that has happened is that humans have become more and more evil until evil is the norm and has become mainstreamed. I think the good part of humanity, if it is their destiny to survive, have to all become Christs and have to realize that this Earth's survival and the human races survival is up to them. The human race never intervened to save one prophet or messiah. Never. They never loved, valued or appreciated what GOD sent to Earth. Every prophet and messiah that was sent by GOD was killed by humans. GOD doesn't forget or forgive when you consistenly kill what he sent to help you people. The human race all have to stand up before the real Christ stands up for them. Until that happens, the messiah will step out of the way. Whoever is most committed wins. It seems that the illuminati are more committed that any good on this Earth because no one has ever challenged them, their ways or means. Whatever the illuminati have or do could be stopped in a few hours or less if the good people of the world stood up and fought them (the evil forces and Satan). But no one does. Not ever. Evil seems to always win on this Earth because the good are only good on the outside in terms of obedience and saying yes sir to oppressive systems and designs while constantly rejecting GOD and his angels. My father once told me when I was a young child that there was nothing we could do for the human race or Earth, because humans simply don't have courage or heart in general. There are a few nations that do have heart though, and the fate of this world and the human races survival is up to them. No one was there for the messiah, so don't count on him. The Apocalypse is on schedule and is coming no matter what. Only the divine can stop the Apocalypse if humans and the Earth are deemed worthy. As for the analogy of "Raz Algul" in Batman begins, Raz was right. And no rogue Batman will save those who have hatred in their hearts and minds for them. I've seen two paths for this Earths humanities future. One is bleak, where good humans don't act, and where the messiah doesn't act as a result of human inaction. The other path is where good acts and fights evil, causing the messiah to deem the human race worthy and the Earth worthy of survival, causing the messiah to shield the human race and the Earth from what is coming for this hell on Earth that was meant to be heaven on Earth. It's up to you people, this is GOD's democracy in action.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 7147529
United States
12/16/2011 07:17 AM
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Re: RE: Article about Illuminati
Some of your facts are wrong, OP.

59. He quickly went into the city, to Pilate, and asked him for the body of
Jmmanuel so that he could bury him.

60. Pilate ordered that he should be given to him.

61. And many people went with him and they removed Jmmanuel from
the cross. Joseph wrapped the body in pure linen, which he had
previously coated so as to form an image of Jmmanuel.

62. Joseph of Arimathea then carried the body of Jmmanuel all the way as
far as Jerusalem and placed it outside the city into his own tomb, which
he had arranged to be cut into a rock for his future burial.

63. And he rolled a large stone in front of the door of the tomb and went
to obtain medicine so he could take care of Jmmanuel.

64. The entrance of the tomb was guarded by soldiers and Jmmanuel's
mother so no one could enter and steal the body.

65. Joseph of Arimathea, however, sought out Jmmanuel's friends from
India and returned with them to the tomb. There they entered through a
secret second entrance unknown to the henchmen and soldiers, and for
three days and three nights they nursed him. Soon he was in better health
and again with good strength.

66. The tomb was being guarded on the other side by the soldiers because
the chief priests and Pharisees had gone to Pilate and said,

67. "Sir, we have considered that when this crazy man was still alive, he
said to the people, 'l shall return after three days and three nights and rise,
because I will only be in a state of near-death.'

68. "But since it was established through a soldier that he was really dead,
his tomb should be guarded so that no one can come, steal the body and
say, 'Behold, he has risen from the dead after all!'

69. "Command therefore that the tomb be guarded up to the third day so
that the last deception may not be worse than the first."

70. And Pilate said to them, "Take my soldiers as guardians. Go and
guard the tomb as best you can."

71. And they departed, guarded the tomb, and secured the stone in front
of the door with a seal.

72. However, they did not realize the secret of the grave, namely, that it
had two exits or entrances, Jmmanuel's helpers, therefore, could go to
him to apply healing salves and herbs without being detected. On the
third day he was once again strong enough to walk.