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Message Subject comet "LOVEJOY"/"PHOENIX NWO's symbol of "ANTI-CHRIST"?
Poster Handle Pink Cat with a Telephone Hat
Post Content
I think you are reading into this WAY to much.......


come on..........

you have seen images of past comets they look the same
[link to sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov]

Why do comets have tails?
[link to spaceplace.nasa.gov]

but if you wanna go there................for fun
lets go to the movie 2012 remember the crazy conspiracy guy?
remember the video he showed in his van? I cant find a clip of it so this will have to do.

oh and google keywords (phoenix rising comet lovejoy)

Solar System Latest Features. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, Comet Lovejoy emerges intact from its close encounter with....
 Quoting: gogo

but comet lovejoy was not the usual comet:

"I trust that most here appreciate that we are witnessing one of the most extraordinary events in cometary history." --john bortle, expert astronomer on the comet lovejoy

[link to sungrazer.nrl.navy.mil]

‎"...The manner in which Comet Lovejoy is
evolving is, to my knowledge, totally unique in the comet record

but yes, for fun...i play around with imagery and symbols
 Quoting: Pink Cat with a Telephone Hat

and yes, like a phoenix, the NWO's #1 sign pretty much
therefore...the anti "christ" (christ not meaning a person but an energy, christos, grace)

see my thread about samruck the magical bird that lays a golden egg, the NWO's new "religion. totally bizarre
 Quoting: Pink Cat with a Telephone Hat

NASA nicknamed LoveJoy - Phoenix.
 Quoting: Beam Me The Fuck Up!

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