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Message Subject I have been an atheist all my life but I'm thinking of converting to Christianity after learning too much about the Illuminati and Freemasonry...
Poster Handle Shephardi
Post Content
People who claim others are deceivers are only always assuming that. an assumption makes an ass out of you and me.

i was 'atheist' then i became 'Christian' looked too deeply into it and became ill. i soon let off it a little and decided to think for myself instead.

my opinion now, and not as an atheist, though some will call me that, but i do believe in a greater 'presence', is that all things on the earth are for us to enjoy.

it's simple what is right and what is wrong, its called common sense and you don't need a very old outdated edited book to tell you as if your still 4 years old.

we shouldn't be waltzing around scared to death of a God who has not appeared yet. they say your saved if your scared of Gods judgement, imo why should you be scared of anything? fear is what makes one a slave. to become a christian, all you have to do is seek jesus's forgiveness etc etc and believe in him. its very simple and thats what drew me in. but the point is this jesus guy was brutaly murdered for everyone else. so what about everyone else in the world who is murdered each day, no one gives a shit about them. you shouldnt believe something unless you have seen solid evidence, and there is non for what Jesus claims to be.

the bible and its teachings were edited from kemetic beliefs which simply took mother natures cycles and personified them. nature is a powerful thing and people are abusing these powers and destroying the planet in return.

if you know about fractals they teach you that they are complicated and chaotic, but they will ALWAYS come back into order.

For all we know, these 'elites' might not of even thought about the long term effects of what they were doing, and its just a process that will eventually smooth itself out, however it happens.

dont give in to christianity yet, make sure you look at both sides before deciding. take a look at richard dawkins work. also dont forget the christian god slaughtered people in his book, does it mention what happened to them before Jesus came?

Be careful, because as i learned, i sounded like an idiot trying to defend something which now clearly is an old way of thinking, given the amazing discoveries humans make these days.
 Quoting: Drakonetta

Dawkins has nothing real to offer and yes I have read his books.
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