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Message Subject Comet LoveJoy spreading Love in our planetary belt
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Comet LoveJoy I can't stop watching you!!!

As Comet LoveJoy (LOVE THE NAME:) made its approach to the sun (see first minute) it is pointed to go well sideways of the Sun. The Sun using its strong gravitational arms to pull LoveJoy in and give it a kiss! Comet LoveJoy was real fast but having such a huge fan as our Son with such strong hands and a burning desire to get close to her, gave in to the attraction of our lovely Sun.

Not only the Scientists are amazed and baffled

"On Wednesday (Dec. 21), NASA astronaut Daniel Burbank was amazed to see the comet rising over a nighttime Earth from his vantage point on the International Space Station as it sailed 240 miles above Tasmania. Burbank, who currently commands the space station, snapped about 100 photos of the cosmic sight, which NASA later assembled into a time-lapse video of comet Lovejoy."

excerpt from [link to news.yahoo.com]

Great Views Here
[link to www.space.com]

Silly stuff
[link to www.magnadan.blogspot.com]
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