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Message Subject Do FreeMasons-Templars-Illuminati Worship Lucifer?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

To the average Christian there is no difference between Marduk and their "Lucifer" or "Satan" or what have you....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6979548

Who the fuck is Marduk? I can assure you that none of the above listed characters have ANYTHING to do with masonry, AT ALL..
 Quoting: Archaic Mason

You are a low level Mason, congratulations.

Perhaps if you had actually laid eyes/studied from real Illuminated text you would see that you clearly worship the remnants of Marduk and the Babylonian empire.

Just because the Masons only get to go as far back as Egyptian practices, doesn't mean those are the only practices there are, nor does it mean they were the first, original practices.

The original practices come from the first cities in the cradle of civilization, in the heart of Babylon.....ancient Mesopotamia.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6979548

And what exactly is it that I'm supposed to be worshiping? And if the rites and rituals do go that far back, who's to say that it MUST be "devil" worship, or marduk, or the easter bunny or whatever character of history you want to plug in there to meet your need of labeling a group of people due to your own insecurities with your faith?
 Quoting: Archaic Mason

Oh I agree entirely, I have absolutely nothing against those who practice these types of rituals or worship services.

I just prefer people give credit where credit is due, and understand fully what kind of history they are engaging in, in order to give it the proper amount of respect.

Marduk is mentioned by names in later texts(Specifically by the name Marduk in some of the oldest known doctrines), but those are often pretty far out of reach for most.

As I said above, in terms of the average , modern day, Abrahamic Judaic or Xtian worshipper. They think Marduk is Satan.

Buuuut.....they are just following the practices of his priests as well.

Most major organized religions stem from ancient Babylon's systems of worship. Because that is where mankind was first given kingship/law/technology/written word/mathematics etc etc.
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