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Message Subject Do FreeMasons-Templars-Illuminati Worship Lucifer?
Poster Handle Ingrid
Post Content
Shalom, and THANKYOU all above, I had not seen this thread since last under 'Anonymous Coward' I had replied/asked those questions, and thank you, Anon from Canada, Anon from Hong Kong, and Jet, and Jericho Fall, and of course, Dogmoral, for the replies and sources, (books). I am going to try to get those. And to the pretty girl who wrote Esu is a Yoruban or Igbo deity, that is very interesting, since Esus is also a Satanic deity, same pronunciation, apparently, as the old Latin songs about Isu/Esu (saviour of the world) sung in concert every year at Christmas... (so very weird).

The whole world worships this entity, and will not let go.
(Most people, that is, won't).

Makes me sick to see it/hear them. This is sickening, yet, fascinating. It is I guess, evidence of how dark things hold the most fascination for us, whose DNA is infiltrated. Yah help us all to fight our DNA, especially later this year.

Just say NO to your DNA. !!!! Do you all see how this is necessary now? It will definitely be used against you. Archetypal modes of thought/response (religious especially). But emotion will be used against you in the most violating, dishonourable way, so be preparing yourselves for that assault. You don't want to lose this time, like we've been screwed before for centuries, but it is coming down to the line soon. I will try to get those books you talked about, Anon and everyone, thank you.

If anyone wants the most fantastic historical rundown please get The Two Babylons, Alexander Hislop, he used Layard's excavations, Wilkinson's discoveries about the Egyptians, and although he didn't know a lot, he knows more than most historians do today, and lots more than any preacher, minister, and puts our 'shepherds' to SHAME.

Thank you all very much again.
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