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Message Subject Do FreeMasons-Templars-Illuminati Worship Lucifer?
Poster Handle No
Post Content

You religious idiots don't even realize Satan is NOT lucifer.

And all that shit is made up to control you anyways!

Ok its not all made up.

Templars were originally GOOD, just like the Illuminati were. What they are now? A perversion, but guess who controls all the strings? Why the Vatican of course.

Your idea of what is "Satanic" is still determined by thousand year old paradigm created by one of the most CORRUPT institutions on the planet, who murdered SO many people.

Including the "remaining" original Christians who followed the APPOLISTIC tradition of Yeshua/Jesus, in favor of the Paul-inspired Gentile abomination that STILL exists to this day. The gnostics were so powerful, and influentual at a certain point (and had ACTUAL abilities) that they were branded devil worshippers, and destroyed subsequently.

Luciferinism on the other hand, is not wholly bad but neither is it the best thing. It is based on the INTELLECTUAL light/powers, and is more about science and the control of NATURE than it is about "Satan worship." Which is more closely linked to blood letting, and the worship of Saturn.

Get your shit straight people.
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