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Message Subject Do FreeMasons-Templars-Illuminati Worship Lucifer?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
They are driven by their masters, the demons, they know this, (sodomy is demonic intiiation, rape, sometimes as well, being so traumatic, but especially sodomy) and that is WHY THEY DO THIS.

LOOK AT THE MUSLIM WORLD; THEY ARE ALL-OUT BLATANTly worshipping Satan; the only other people who do this as a practice, is Satanists. (whether or not they call themselves that). Thinking: Catholics, Tibetan Monks, Muslims of course, and MOrmons. And so on and there you have the proof.

The doctrine is unspoken in these 'religions' but the spirit worshipped is of destroying the child and their innocence, and to have the child initiated, to prolong the demonism because the child afterwards will either be anti-religion, negating even all truth, (understandably, from hatred of the evil hypocrisy protected in the Churches) or become 'one' with the abuser/s and become like them in the long run.

Yah protect the children, please. And keep your children away from all people who you know to be members of these organisations, always within your own sight. They are great impostors and liars, they can fool you and of course, manipulate your children.
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