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Neanderthals lived in houses, not caves

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12/21/2011 04:48 AM
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Neanderthals lived in houses, not caves
A 44,000-year-old house of the Neanderthals made from mammoth bones and decorated with carvings and pigments was discovered in eastern Ukraine. It had been thought Neanderthals, which died out around 30,000 years ago, were primitive nomads who lived in caves for shelter.

[link to www.deccanherald.com]

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United States
12/21/2011 04:52 AM
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Re: Neanderthals lived in houses, not caves

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Anonymous Coward
User ID: 7403335
United States
12/21/2011 05:43 AM
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Re: Neanderthals lived in houses, not caves
Professor Reiner Protsch von Zieten lied about the age of neanderthal skulls and artifacts for 30 years. A German university panel exposed his frauds and he resigned Feb 2005. Protsch had dated the "bischof-speyer" skeleton at 21,300 years but testing at Oxford showed them to be 3300 years old.

Anthropologist resigns in 'dating disaster'
Panel says professor of human origins made up data, plagiarized works
February 19, 2005

A flamboyant anthropology professor, whose work had been cited as evidence Neanderthal man once lived in Northern Europe, has resigned after a German university panel ruled he fabricated data and plagiarized the works of his colleagues.

Reiner Protsch von Zieten, a Frankfurt university panel ruled, lied about the age of human skulls, dating them tens of thousands of years old, even though they were much younger, reports Deutsche Welle.

"The commission finds that Prof. Protsch has forged and manipulated scientific facts over the past 30 years," the university said of the widely recognized expert in carbon data in a prepared statement.

Protsch's work first came under suspicion last year during a routine investigation of German prehistoric remains by two other anthropologists.

"We had decided to subject many of these finds to modern techniques to check their authenticity so we sent them to Oxford [University] for testing," one of the researchers told The Sunday Telegraph. "It was a routine examination and in no way an attempt to discredit Prof. von Zieten." In their report, they called Protsch's 30 years of work a "dating disaster."

Among their findings was an age of only 3,300 years for the female "Bischof-Speyer" skeleton, found with unusually good teeth in Northern Germany, that Protsch dated to 21,300 years.

Another dating error was identified for a skull found near Paderborn, Germany, that Protsch dated at 27,400 years old. It was believed to be the oldest human remain found in the region until the Oxford investigations indicated it belonged to an elderly man who died in 1750.

The Herne anthropological museum, which owned the Paderborn skull, did its own tests following the unsettling results. "We had the skull cut open and it still smelt," said the museum's director. "We are naturally very disappointed."

The fallout from Protsch's false dating of northern European bone finds is only beginning.

Chris Stringer, a Stone Age specialist and head of human origins at London's Natural History Museum, said: "What was considered a major piece of evidence showing that the Neanderthals once lived in northern Europe has fallen by the wayside. We are having to rewrite prehistory."

Frankfurt University's president, Rudolf Steinberg, apologized for the university's failure to curb Protsch's misconduct for decades. "A lot of people looked the other way," he said.
[link to www.wnd.com]
[link to www.freerepublic.com]

Hundreds of neanderthal fossils reclassified as human as the dating disaster unfolds.. ha, ha, ha.

Neanderthal Man 'never walked in northern Europe'
[link to www.telegraph.co.uk]

Dr Cuozzo's work vindicated!

NEANDERTHALS Caveman or Human?

On a trip to view the fossil remains of the neanderthal Dr. Jack Cuozzo makes startling discoveries. Trained in orthodontic surgery Dr. Cuozzo was able to obtain scans of the skull and jaws that reveal often overlooked clues.
[link to www.archive.org]

Scientists have known neanderthal had speech, they just do not always report this unless they have to.
[link to en.wikipedia.org]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 7076154
12/21/2011 05:45 AM
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Re: Neanderthals lived in houses, not caves
This is a known fact. About 20 years ago I read information the cavemen only used caves as bungaloes or seasons'residences. They used the rest of fish to build combs and they used clothes with buttons made of animal bone, etc. Their brain capacity was bigger than ours. They were smart and did a sort of amazing Picasso's art (sometimes as accurate in details as some art produced by some autists who have a photographic "eye"). This is usually hidden because it's part of the elite's lie to make us believe in evolution dogma with all the new adaptations completely different from Darwin's original concept.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 6947305
United States
12/21/2011 05:48 AM
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Re: Neanderthals lived in houses, not caves
They also loved punk rock
Princess Dagmar

User ID: 7448484
12/21/2011 05:52 AM
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Re: Neanderthals lived in houses, not caves
And grew up to be Khazars,
The truth is the highest religion.