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Message Subject Symptoms Similar To Radiation Poisoning Killing Seals/Walruses - Russia, Alaska, Canada - Scientists Fear Could Be Infecting Entire Ocean
Poster Handle juju
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Not too long ago 3 killer whales swam up the Nushagak river in SW Alaska, that had never happened, all the elders thought it was a very bad sign. All 3 ended up banking on the shores and died, one was a pregnant female.

I lived out there till not too long ago, some of us are having health problems including nausea and suspicious blood work results. Also tired all the time.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7472377

Disclosure, I'm not a doctor or offering medical advice, this is only my opinion- if it's radiation, your thyroid may be affected. See a doctor. Also, I'm not sure about iodine at this point but they used to recommend putting iodine on your knees. It attracts radiation away from the thyroid gland.
Again, it could have nothing to do with either your thyroid or radiation but have it checked. Good luck to you.
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