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Message Subject Symptoms Similar To Radiation Poisoning Killing Seals/Walruses - Russia, Alaska, Canada - Scientists Fear Could Be Infecting Entire Ocean
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Given the resources and 'diggers' on this site, probably be a good idea to look at ocean currents, fish migrations, seal migrations etc to try and map out where this came from.

Saying it's all Fuka's fault is a cop out. It could be many things, including a rusting graveyard of Russian Nuke vessels in the Kara Sea, a parasitic infection released by melting ice that is thriving on the methane releases of late or even related to BEZERK phenominon.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1501341

[link to mapservices.iucnredlist.org]

map of the lion seal populations migratory locations

[link to www.iucnredlist.org]

Mirounga angustirostris : IUCN link on lion seal information

[link to www.accuweather.com]

Ocean currents map off japan showing where the radioctive wastes will flow

[link to sirocco.omp.obs-mip.fr]

maps and models generated for the spread of radionucliotides

you can draw a few conclusions from most of that data alone...
 Quoting: citizenperth

Legend! I've been sorting my own links, but they have been based around the methane issue.

The Kuroshio Current that goes past Japan, a deep water current doesnt link with either of the polar conveyers, so how does the radioactive water/particles get up to the Arctic? If it's fish or plankton based, then I'm not seeing that either, which drives me back to the current methane issue, and what could be thriving off that.

Thanks for taking the time to put up some actual data too!
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