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Message Subject Symptoms Similar To Radiation Poisoning Killing Seals/Walruses - Russia, Alaska, Canada - Scientists Fear Could Be Infecting Entire Ocean
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
lol, you learned something,
that is great my Friend 5a

Officials: No Alaska radiation from Fukushima
With the status of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster officially downgraded to “cold shutdown” earlier this month, local scientists and public health officials say it appears Alaska has managed to escape any detectable radioactive fallout.
Pearce has monitored a radiation sensor in Anchorage for the past 15 years. There were also monitoring stations located in Fairbanks, Juneau, Dutch Harbor and Nome.

Those findings conflict with a new study released Tuesday in the December issue of International Journal of Health Services. It attributes an estimated 14,000 U.S. deaths to Fukushima.

The study said there was an estimated 4.5 percent increase in the number of deaths in the U.S. in the 14 weeks after the accident compared to the same period in 2010

The study was conducted by anti-nuclear activists Joseph Mangano and Janette Sherman.

Scientific American technology editor Michael Moyer called the study “flawed” in a blog post Tuesday, criticizing the authors for “sloppy, agenda-driven work.”

[link to newsminer.com]

less than 50%

As i already wrote: There is some truth in this Message
as well as some lies!
 Quoting: Atom-Boy

MAHAHAAHAHAH and you believe that bullshit.. we are all irradiated regardless you spineless retard.... what about a nuclear accident are you not understanding?

you obviously have no children.....

unlike you, i wish i was wrong....

 Quoting: citizenperth

I have children... young children. I can face the truth as hard as it is. I try to take some precautions; NO SEAFOOD, local (Florida) fruit/veggies, No WALMART products, staying out of the rain, nothing shipped from the west coast, yet despite these attempts to reduce the exposure, I know.

Internal radiation exposure is devastating, even in moderately low doses. I don't worry about airborne exposure, it's still much lower than critical or even moderate levels... it's the shit we CONSUME that will expose us to deadly levels in a rather short amount of time.

A fathers burden.

Anyone who doesn't think global Eugenics cleansing isn't being perpetrated RIGHT NOW, is a fucking fool.
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