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Message Subject Symptoms Similar To Radiation Poisoning Killing Seals/Walruses - Russia, Alaska, Canada - Scientists Fear Could Be Infecting Entire Ocean
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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It is a tough road. Do you tell your small and innocent children what is happening? Do you talk to them about the dangers around us? Or...do you simply do your best...protect those around you to the point you are able...and let life take its course? There's a lot to be said for preciousness of innocence. And...to take it from a child and instill fear and worry instead is criminal. I often wonder...how are we ever to blame those in charge of us for with-holding information if their intentions are the same towards us, as our intensions are towards those we take care of? What if they truly feel the population simply won't be able to handle the more dire information they are hiding? Do we hold them accountable and demand justice, or do we thank them? Look at the last time bad news on a large scale was given to a large city. Im reminded of world cup soccer games/season final basketball games/baseball world series games, etc...the losing team often destroys 3-4 city streets...but what is more...the winning team city does even worse!!! Thats just some over paid athletes causing tension...what happens when you put end of life scenarios on the board?
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