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Multi-millionaire and unaware

Offer Upgrade

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United States
12/22/2011 08:37 AM
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Multi-millionaire and unaware
[link to www.ajc.com]

This truck stop is on Georgia S.R. 100 near Interstate 20. It is right next to a convenience store which sold an $8 million winning ticket when the lotteries first became legal in Georgia, and the ticket was never claimed.

This ticket hit for $77 million. The cash option value is roughly $26 or $27 million AFTER TAXES. That's the money you could walk away with in your pocket, if you are costumed in a clown suit.

That area is rural, so most of the patrons are travelers. I have relatives nearby and have been to both places many times.

The odds are that the winner was passing through because all of the locals know about it. Somebody took a whiz, grabbed a bite to eat, gassed up, and bought a ticket on a whim and probably tossed it up on the dash or console and forgot about it, a ticket that could have been very handy.

If you're gonna play the game, treat that paper like cash money until after the drawing.


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