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Message Subject RAP MUSIC Rant...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I couldn't last 5 sec. listening to that guy.Listen we know alot of music sucks but as far as rap goes,i won't even touch the shht thats coming out today.I do like the stuff that came out late 80's to mid 90's...MINUS ALL THAT GANSTA RAP BULL CRAP.

I love music from evey genre.I haven't really liked too much of anything that has come out in the past 20yrs.

Thank goodness i still have my old school rock,pop,country and r&b to listen to.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4302061

I used to hate country music too, but I've softened up to it, well at least some of the older stuff. And I do like blue grass.

My bias on rap is rather personal though. As a teen in 80's Los Angeles I saw first hand how rap music affirmed and progressed the already degenerate mind. What's completely bewildering though is why white people took to it. WTF? Hair band rock not rebellious enough for ya?
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